photo by Shawn Fillion, Pepper Apple Photography. 

photo by Shawn Fillion, Pepper Apple Photography. 

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Sweet Mama and the Salty Muffins - World Premiere (Director)                                         Alumnae Theatre New Ideas Festival
4.48 Psychosis (Director)                                                                                                       TBTR for Winnipeg & Toronto Fringe Festivals
Our Sister Duchess  [reading] (Adaptor)                                                                               TBTR & Carol Shields Festival / Heidi Malazdrewicz
Marlowe’s Edward II    (Adaptor)                                                                                            Theatre By The River / Sarah Constible
Sea Wall  - Canadian Premiere (Co-Director)                                                                        Theatre by the River / Rodrigo Beilfuss
Clink    (Director)                                                                                                                      HER Productions - WPG Fringe
Clever Little Lies  - Canadian Premiere  (Assistant Director)                                                Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre / Steven Schipper
Tonight at Eight    (Co-Creator & Director)                                                                             Impel Theatre & Selardi
Shakespeare’s Richard II  [Workshop]  (Assistant Director)                                                  Zone 41 / Christopher Brauer
Forsaken Love    (Director)                                                                                                      Manitoba Association of Playwrights
My Techno-Logical Life    (Dramaturg & Director)                                                                 Prairie Theatre Exchange School
Hide Away    (Playwright)                                                                                                        Sarasvati / Hope McIntyre
Trying [Reading]    (Playwright)                                                                                               Theatre By The River / Mel Marginet
Intoxicated    (Director)                                                                                                            Manitoba Association of Playwrights
Dear Mama  -  Ruby (and Playwright)                                                                                     Impel Theatre / Megan Andres
Shorts! [Readings]    (Director)                                                                                                Sarasvati Fem Fest
No More Prayers   - Antigone (and Playwright/Director)                                                      Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (UK)
How We Met   - Collaboarive co-creator & Performer A                                                      RADA Festival (UK) / Holly Bragg
Ludus Daniellis    (Director)                                                                                                     King’s College (UK)
L’amour La Mort   - Performer (Co-Creator/Director)                                                            Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (UK)
You Me Bum Bum Train  -  Performer                                                                                    Run Riot (UK) / Kate Bond
In Secret [Reading]    (Playwright & Director)                                                                         Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (UK)
Get Over Yourself    (Director)                                                                                                 Manitoba Association of Playwrights
Dionysus is Getting Impatient  -  Hedda (and co-creator)                                                     Theatre Incarnate
Lavinia  -   Lavinia (and creator/director)                                                                                Impel Theatre
Drunk Enough To Say I Love You  -  Director                                                                        selardi / Stephanie Plaitin
Seagulls   - Di  (and co-director)                                                                                              selardi / Stephanie Plaitin
The Dance of Sara Weins [Workshop]    (Director)                                                                Sarasvati FemFest
Ordinary Times    (Assistant Director)                                                                                     Sarasvati FemFest / Hope McIntyre


Immersive Theatre: Engaging The Audience. Re-Imagining Expectation For The Theatrical Event. Common Ground Publishing, ed. Josh Machamer. (2017)

Interdisciplinary Humanities Journal. Special Edition [Humanities Education Research Association] - Approaching Antigone: A Critical and Performative Analysis of Sophocles’ Antigone, Spurring the Creation of a New Post-Dramatic Work, No More Prayers by Kendra Jones  (2015)

Body, Space, Technology Journal Vol 12. [Brunel University] - Dear Mama; An Artistic Statement by Kendra Jones  (2013)


Royal Academy of Dramatic Art       MA (Text & Performance) - 2012                            
(RADA / Birkbeck College University of London, UK)                                 

Dissertation: Approaching Antigone:   Andrew Visnevski, advisor
Script Analysis - Elizabethan:    Tom Hunsinger
Script Analysis - 20th Century writing:    Andrew Visnevski
Script Analysis - Academic:    Aiofe Monks
Directing:    Sue Dunderdale, Andrew Visnevski
Theorizing the Contemporary:    Aiofe Monks, Sarah Grochala
Voice:     Adrienne Thomas
Devising/contemporary practice:    Andrew Visnevski
Acting Foundation:    Brian Stirner
Dramaturgy:    Paul Sirett
Playwriting:    Lin Coglin
LABAN & Historical Dance:    Darren Royston  
Ensemble:    Nona Sheppard
Physical Performance:    Juri Nael

The University of Winnipeg       BA Honours (Performance) - 2006                        
Gold Medal (Manitoba, Canada)      

Voice & Diction:    Gail Loadman
Shakespeare:    Per Brask
Existentialism in the Theatre:    Per Brask
Script Analysis: Doug Arrell
Mime & Improvisation:    Rick Skene
Canadian Drama:    Doug Arrell
Theatre History: Claire Borody & Doug Arrell
The Method:    Shelagh Carter
Theory & Practice:    Per Brask
Aboriginal Identity in Theatre: Michael Lawrenchuk



Directors Lab North 2018                                                                                                           Luminato Festival & British Council, Toronto, ON
Q&A Facilitator - with Cole Alvis & Ashley Bamberry of Manidoons Collective                    Directors Lab North 2018, Toronto, ON
Touring Repertory Productions with Luke Kernaghan                                                             Scottish National Theatre & Luminato, Toronto, ON
Q&A Facilitator - Event launch for production of Mike Bartlett’s Cock and Bull                    Theatre By The River, Winnipeg MB
Presentation Skills Workshop Leader                                                                                       University of Winnipeg Faculty Development, Winnipeg MB
Acting & Text Analysis Workshop Leader                                                                                 Winnipeg Studio Theatre StudioWorks, Winnipeg MB
Devising with Complicité led by Annabel Arden and Simon McBurney                                 Barbican, London UK
Directing with Katie Mitchell                                                                                                       Barbican, London UK
Theatre & Failure with Bruno Roubicek (Forced Entertainment)                                             Birkbeck College University of London, UK
Q&A with Elin Diamond                                                                                                              Birkbeck College University of London, UK
New Writing and New Forms with Tim Crouch                                                                         Birkbeck College University of London, UK
Dramaturgy for Dance with MaryAnn Hushaluk                                                                       Young Vic, London UK
Language of the Body with Juri Nael                                                                                        RADA, London UK
Women, Performance, Portraiture (Conference attendee & contributor)                               University of London, UK
Public Performance & Participation (Conference attendee)                                                    Birkbeck College University of London, UK
Speaking Shakespeare with Arne MacPherson                                                                       Prairie Theatre Exchange School, Winnipeg, MB



popART: Intersection     (Creator/Curator)                                                                                 Impel Theatre - Nuit Blanche WPG
popART: Project Vapour    (Creator/Curator)                                                                             Impel Theatre - Winnipeg Fringe
Wine & Words Fundraiser @ WAG    (Director)                                                                          Theatre By The River & Winnipeg Art Gallery
Wine & Words Special Reserve    (Director)                                                                               Theatre By The River
The First Time    (Creator & Director)                                                                                          Impel Theatre - MEME Festival
Autel    (Creator)                                                                                                                           RADA, and GSAC Girls! Girls! Girls!
CNIB Golden Days of Canadian Radio  - Performer                                                                  CNIB



Dancing: accomplished in contemporary/jazz - ADAPT Advanced examination, ballet - Cechetti Intermediate examination, and tab - Al Gilbert Grade 8 examination and 2-time silver medalist at the IDO World Tap Championships;

Artist Management: Skilled in grant writing, tour planning, and press relations in both theatre and musical fields;

Writing: Published articles with Brunel University and Humanities Education Research Association, book chapter with Common Ground Publishing; freelance theatre reviewer, contracted to CBC Manitoba in 2014 and blogs at;

Clean driver’s licence (automatic);



Acting: Theory & Practice - University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre & Film (2013 and 2014) 

Multiple courses for children and adults at Prairie Theatre Exchange school, including Acting Exploration, Dance for Theatre, Acting Foundations, Tap Dance. 

Director; PTE School Junior Company (2013)

Teaching Assistant: Intro Dance for Musical Theatre, and Intro Theatre Performance - University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre & Film (2005 and 2006)

7 years experience teaching and choreography for recreational and elite competitive dancers; tap and jazz for studios in Winnipeg (Ken Peter Dance Express), Hamilton (Inurtia Dance Creations), and Buffalo, NY (Clark Academy of Performing Arts). 



Invited participant for the Directors Lab North hosted by Luminato Festival & British Council, Toronto, Canada - 2018
Member of the Canadian Stage RBC Emerging Artist program - 2016
Nominated for the Elliot Hayes award for achievement in Dramaturgy - Literary Managers & Dramaturgs Association - 2016
Nuit Blanche Official Selection for Illuminate the Night - 2015
Recipient of Jean Murray/Moray Sinclair Apprenticeship from Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre - 2015
Shortlisted for Bluma Appel Mentorship for emerging directors at The Globe Theatre, London, UK - 2015
Recipient of the Jean Murray/Moray Sinclair Apprenticeship from Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre - 2015
Shortlisted for Academic Residency at York St John University (UK) - 2014
Manitoba Arts Council Professional Development Grant Recipient - 2014
Recipient of Jean Murray/Moray Sinclair Scholarship from Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre – 2004, 2005, 2011
Manitoba Arts Council Student Bursary Recipient – 2011
Recipient of University Gold Medal for achievement in Honours Theatre, University of Winnipeg – 2006 Spring Convocation

“The subject matter is enhanced by some very smart choices by director Kendra Jones” — CBC on 4.48 Psychosis (July 2017)

"The ingenious use of a sequencer allows Whitbread to loop certain phrases, giving voice to the stuck-on-repeat thoughts that dog her."  -- Winnipeg Free Press on 4.48 Psychosis (July 2017)

“It drowns you in the twisted, isolated, and bittersweet mindset that comes with major depression.” — Mooney on Theatre on 4.48 Psychosis (July 2017)

“pushes past the surface of the script to transcend Kane’s words.” — The Theatre Reader on 4.48 Psychosis (July 2017)

“A master-class in the art of tragedy” — CBC on Sea Wall (July 2015)

“Modern Marlowe has the power to shock audiences” — Winnipeg Free Press on Edward II (Oct 2015)

“bringing a more than 400-year-old play about a king dead for almost 700 years into an intriguingly modern context . . . fascinating and sure to generate discussion about how far we have -- or haven't -- come in the arena of gender politics.” — CBC on Edward II (Oct 2015)

"Loved the performance. I could listen to Venus and Adonis over and over and never get tired. You did that so well" - Tom Hunsinger, RADA on In Secret (Dec 2011)

"Kendra brought a warmth, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness to her work." - Brian Stirner, RADA (Jan 2012)

"a thoughtful and engaged student . . . worked with enthusiasm and energy and her responses to exercises were acute and perceptive. She showed a sensitive feel for text" - Adrienne Thomas, RADA (Jan 2012)

"the thorough and deeply considered work on directing scenes to the performance project and the highly sophisticated Autel exhibition piece. Superior work throughout." - Andrew Visnevski (Mar 2012)

"carefully considered and rich. Well done." - Lin Coghlin, RADA on Trying (April 2012)

"a very clear and comprehensive understanding of the LABAN approach. . . her ability to share her understanding was excellent" - Darren Royston, RADA (April 2012)

“from an aesthetic point of view, this is a remarkably well-composed piece of theatre; from the design to the costuming to the very structure and sound, there’s a strong sense of unity. There’s great pleasure derived simply from the rhythmic progression, and in the contrasts between noise and silence.” – Kenton Smith, The Uniter on Dionysus Is Getting Impatient (Feb 2011)

“you have to admire the trio’s fearless physicality and unwavering commitment to their characters; they were absolutely riveting to watch move against the stark white set” – Jen Zoratti, Uptown Magazine on Dionysus Is Getting Impatient (Feb 2011)

“Jones’ Performance is brave and tragic” – Joff Schmidt, CBC Review of Dear Mama (Jan 2013)