childrens theatre

review. Blink's Garden - Fat Blue productions @ Toronto Fringe (KIDS VENUE)

Blink's Garden is a charming and compelling story about a young girl's efforts to build a community. Performed primarily by children (with support from their adults) the show presents a lovely story about what happens when we feel "the grass is greener on the other side" and the lessons we learn. The story is told through music and song, which is beautifully rendered live on stage by a trio of musicians, with the whole cast singing beautiful harmonies. The staging is playful and lacks polish, but that is the essence of its charm; it is clearly several families coming together to tell a wonderful story. 

The Winnipeg-based company are here for their first Toronto Fringe, and this should definitely make your list for young theatre-goers; it will spark some great conversation with them afterward (which, after all, is the point of theatre!). Winnipeg readers, watch for them at Winnipeg Fringe, too! 

Check out their Facebook page for all remaining show dates and times in Winnipeg & Toronto.