I suppose a good place to start is why I am here writing this. Well...I am about to embark on my Masters Degree at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England. Just saying that sentence is daunting enough. I have been out of University for six years now, and haven't functioned as an academic for most of that time. I've been working in both the business world, and the theatre world, which as you might imagine, causes a lot of confusion in my poor little brain. So I've endeavored to create this blog with 3 main goals:
1) Actually articulate what the heck I think makes good theatre. I think this is an integral step to actually feeling prepared for my dissertation a year from now. 

2) Refresh my mind on all the amazing thinkers who have gone before me, and what I've thought of them. Maybe my thoughts have changed. 

3) Talk about the projects that I am working on, and the process. 

That last point sticks quite firmly to my mind. I recently read an article in The Guardian that talked about emerging theatre artists of today, and the lack of discussion of their work. This really made me think...I have been working and creating for many years now, but haven't ever actually sat down to record what we did, or why...the process and the result. And then I got to thinking....MAN if people like Brecht and Grotowski were as lazy as I've been, I wouldn't have had anything to study in university! 

So here we are. Hopefully this won't be too painful or academic. Or maybe you'll like that it is so. We'll see!

Up next....an exploration of the creation process for Dionysus Is Getting Impatient,  a project I recently worked on with Theatre Incarnate..