Review - The Apiarist, Venue #5

Mylee Nordin is delightful in this touching story of a young girl's encounter with the death of her neighbout, an old bachelor who keeps bees. The story moves gently from the feel of a lecture, to recount of the experiences, to lovely re-enacted memories of her youth. One standout scene included the re-telling of going to school at 14 with an eye swollen shut from a bee sting, brought to perfect comic life by Nordin. The character's growth through the play as she learns from the bees she finds herself caring for is quite enjoyable to watch.

Co-creator and director Heidi Malazdrewicz does a great job staging to bring the simple set to life. The production's use of photo and video projection added beautifully to the story as well. I did find that some shifts could have been more clear, perhaps through a more distinct shift in the light or physicality.

This was a highly enjoyable show, and a very informative one; I now feel quite informed about bees!