Review - To My Amazement, venue #9

This show was not on my initial list, however i make a rule for myself to see at least one show from a non-manitoban company, and at least one i know nothing about. this show met both criteia, with a company travelling from LA and Costa Rica. it began well, with a calm yogi, and moved into some interesting chorus work, including masks and some creative movement. This for me was intriguing; unfortunately i felt the show lost momentum from there. It moved into a series of scenes playing out the real-life scenarios in which each piece of yoga practice can be applied to help make one happier. The majority of these scenes felt contrived, and rarely did these actors feel connected to the material.

In addition, there were interludes from a young actor, the premise being that as a child we understand better how to interact with the world, and slowly most of us un-learn this. These grew unfortunately repetetive s the play continued to loop through these three types of scenes. The idea of the show was strong, but got muddied through the devices of the corus, scene, yogi and child all repeating over one another.

For me, the strongest point in the show was when the young character had one of her "to my amazement" speeches, and then herself moved into and out of a scene on the subject. This show could hve benefitted from more of these for a clarity of message.

Finally for a show preaching being "present" in life, the actors unfortunately rushed through most lines and scenes. At times they were difficult to understand, and rarely connected to the mterial in the scenes, seemingly reciting for a vocal tone of effect rather than to experience the text in the present.