Dog Act - Nancan Productions @ MTC Mainstage Venue #1

Local company Nancan Productions brings us this clever script from American writer Liz Duffy Adams with a stellar cast of Winnipeg performers. Situated in a future-past time where tribes war and cities are destroyed, yet vaudevillians roam performing their old standards. The world of the play is truly imaginative, and the cast bring it to life briliantly. Notable is the tribe thugs' near-iambic pentameter, peppered with expletives.

Yet despite excellent performances and a great script, I found my mind wandering; the piece could have done with some tightening, and more nuances in the shape of the action pertaining to pace in particular. As well, there were occasions when the rich language was lost to rushing, as if the actors themselves were aware of this.

These things aside, it remains a strong production and one I recommend seeing.