Review - Master Orloff and Madame Clodile's Freakshow Beautifique, Venue #15

I was excited heading into this show, as I have come to expect a high level of creativity and a certain aesthetic value from Theatre Incarnate's work. This production did not disappoint. Beginning with some excellent live music provided by the talented Claire Friesen, the show then spun out into a wordless exploration of the Master's obsession with the "freak" Clodille. The initial scenes felt a little slower as the relationship was built up, however soon the audience falls under the spell of master in the same way Clodille has. The imagery created by The two principals (Brenda McLean and Christopher Sobczak) was at once beautiful and horrific.
The production also featured young "Lizard Girl" in interludes, and she was a gem to watch.

Overall a strong production; I recommend it to those hoping to see something truly unique and outside the mainstream.