Today was our first voice class with Adrienne Thomas. This made me quite happy, as I am rather "at home" with voice work, and love exploring the connection between my body, voice and thought. Adrienne is lovely; she studied at the Central School, including their MA in Voice (a program I seriously considered before selecting this MA at RADA) and also recently became a certified Linklater instructor. The class was a nice ease into voice work. We began with an exercise interviewing a classmate, then introducing them, presentation-style, to the class. From here we moved into some stretching and physical work, focusing on either basic vocal interactions such as introducing ourselves, or on physicality eliciting sounds within us. The 3 hours flew by, and despite having done most of these exercises (or something like them before) I did feel something fresh about them. More reading tonight: The Oresteia. That's right...my big Friday night plans include a trilogy of Greek tragedy. I am that cool.