Cyber Monday by Kendra Jones

Oh, uh...


Sorry? That's what I am supposed to say. Right? Sorry. Oh, em, gee am I sorry.

Except that I'm not




I'm busy, ya know? Screens flashing, sales could pass me by busy. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! To get that thing you NEED but really. 

Take the photo, it lasts longer. 

But if you're going to, then Filter that image. Project yourself, not as you are but as you want people to think you are. Virtual reality mistakes itself for actual reality every day. More caught up by what happens on screen than the given scene. We spend so much time capturing the experience, we miss it altogether.

Pump that image, fill it with whatever you like. They'll only know if you tell them. One big fucking vanity project. Selfies in superstore. Seriously. In the cheese aisle. I guess that's glamorous? Who knows what that is. 

I miss people. Not pixelated images on a digital screen, but real, fleshy, messy, people.

It seems we’re people less and less nowadays. 

In this world where everything is a product, even our children become brands, not people.

Images projected sky-high through the eternal fame of 5 seconds on the internet.

Get the image out. Know your brand. Except that you're not...

A brand, I mean. 

C'mon. Reading this to you from my iPhone, must have gadget to make me an individual. Just like everyone else. 

But get the dress. Credit. Plastic. It's not real anyway. We are culturally bankrupt so why not financially bankrupt too? Complete the set.

Just look up. 

Once in awhile. 

Paris looks far more beautiful when not viewed through your phone screen.