I was on the bus with my 7 year old yesterday, trying to keep her amused after a long day at the zoo. She really loves art, so I hauled out my iPad, opened up the app for the British National Gallery to look at some paintings with her. We were scrolling through images of paintings from the 19th century when she came across Monet's "water lily pond" and exclaimed "Mom, that is the one I have in my room!". We proceeded to discuss what the real painting looks like, how large it is, the brushstrokes, etc. She then asked how many of this painting existed, and I tried to explain that part of what makes a work of art is that there is only one.

This got me thinking about creation and art and things. I think that to me, the most appealing part about art, and specifically theatre, is just that; the immediacy of a piece. Thinking back to that Monet...it has long been one of my favourite paintings, since childhood I have had prints, postcards, stationery, and am very familiar with the work. Yet the first time i saw the actual painting I was awestruck. The size, proportion, colours, were unreal. And it seemed to have the effect of a calm wave moving over me as I stood before it.

I can't recall who said what i am about to paraphrase, but it will always stay with me as a nugget of gold from all that university reading; what makes a work of art timeless is that you can encounter it over and over again, and take something new from it each time. It will resonate within you going forward, and impact the way you see the world.

I endeavor to create something which will have this kind of impact.