My Friend Grant

The never-ending cycle of artist grant-writing continues. What an unnerving task; baring your artistic soul for a panel of strangers, hoping that the samples of your work that you have selected will adequately convey your skill, talent, and passion. Not to mention your worthiness of the grant, need, desperation even? It is like an audition where you don't even get the chance to try to talk your way out of an awkward choice or presentation.

In other news, in my many pieces of planning for departure, I have been aiming to downsize my considerable closet. I am selling many pieces of clothing that are much-adored, but oft forgotten. Not surprisingly, I am very attached to each piece, recalling when and where it was purchased, important occasions on which I wore it, who it reminds me of. It is a sad procedure, but at the same time quite uplifting. It was satisfying  to look into my closet unit and see far less clutter, only keeping those things I actually need and use. I would strongly recommend this to all for a "lightened" perspective. I will be posting a link to photos of the pieces later this week....consider a purchase a donation to my "london" fund!