Review - So You Think You Can Be A Music Theatre Idol, Venue #9

Those who know me know that i am very much anti-reality TV for the most part...indulging only for the sheer athleticism displayed on So You Think You Can Dance. So the opportunity to see a campy send up of all that i dislike was very appealing. White Rabbit Productions did a great job of putting together this parody, which balanced silly mockery with some great performances. Overall the tone of the piece was great, and I loved the audience participation. There was a sense however that some actors understood the campy style required a bit better than others; standouts for me were Vespa, Roi, Penelope, Claw, and Ripp Tripper. Some others I felt were in and out.....not always carrying the self-awareness needed for a performer to carry off this sort of a piece with seriousness to truly bring the audience in to the crazy world with them. I enjoyed the multimedia aspects and some clever staging, though I did feel the audio clips could have been mastered better to understand the actors more clearly, and some lighting cues were a bit off. Overall though this was really fun and I'd recommend it if you are looking for a good, silly, night of fun.