New Beginnings

In two short weeks I depart my comfortable bubble in Winnipeg and begin an amazing, terrifying, glorious adventure in London. This is exciting for many reasons, the most important of which is that I am returning to academia. Not just academia...but the pinnacle of academic work in my field (at least in my opinion). Receiving the course handbook, reading list and outline on Monday, my excitement was invigorated. The idea of having the chance to work with such amazing creators of theatre, on such brilliant works, theorizing on the contemporary performance of pieces is quite thrilling. Our initial term of Scene Study centres on Measure for Measure and The Duchess of Malfi, looking at the challenges of interpreting the play as a creator, workshopping techniques for doing so and how to actually get the thing to life on stage in a way that is insightful and new.

I am also extremely excited for the practical aspects of the course, including the study of LABAN and Alexander physical techniques, voice and the text, and others.

Basically i am just excited. More to come.